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Memories are fragile, often fleeting, and more often than not... too precious to lose.  The advent of "digital memories" seems to alleviate the problem, but you still must physically back them up.  I lost hundreds of photographs from my old Smugmug site because of negligence, laziness, and some trying personal times.  This new site has been pieced together from old forgotten drives and memory cards and, although not as complete as the previous incarnation, isn't too shabby.

I'll keep searching for "lost files" and begin creating new digital memories so keep coming back to visit.  Keep creating your own digital memories and please... back up them up so you don't go through what I did.

Enjoy and take care always.

*** The images below are just a sample of what's contained in my galleries.  Please press the "View Photos" button to see all my digital memories.

Updated 07 / 06 / 2017 : Added new galleries "Rome - 2006", "London - 2006", "Amsterdam - 2006", "Musées du Monde" and "Maya P's Memorial Day Shoot". / Added photos to "I'm So Blessed"

Added new gallery - "Driving Tour of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia 2017"

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